Our Mission:

Women and children can only achieve equality in society through proper and proactive education programs, economic opportunities, and advocacy in the political sphere and to be part of a legislative institute. Only by doing these actions, will ensure a functional and thriving society. Empowerment for women is crucial to change the inequalities that appear in different social spheres. At SAGE Private Wealth Group Foundation, our mission is to empower women and children through education and microfinance by funding non-profit organizations who are working tirelessly to accomplish this goal.​

Mission and Vision
​​Our Vision:

"When SAGE Private Wealth Group was established in 2011, CEO & Managing Partner Khaled Taha and I decided that 10% of profits will be used to fund the SAGE Private Wealth Group Foundation. Why? Because we believe in the power of philanthropy and having a positive impact on the world we live in - “Doing Well While Doing Good”. We believe that of giving of our time and resources helps us stay attached to the values that promote the common good and is one of the most enjoyable outcomes of our daily efforts to build upon SPWG's success."

Noha El Shareif


SAGE Private Wealth Group Foundation